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Are you ready to elevate your daily grind? Our quality durable bags are more than just accessories - they're modern classic fashion icons. Featuring Yelo & his bike parts, these bags are designed to inspire you, to push your boundaries, and embrace the adventure of everyday life. Make a statement with our commuter set that's as reliable as it is eye-catching.

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Discover the comfort and durability of our slip-on shoes, designed with your satisfaction in mind. The Yelo Toy Breakdown pattern adds a touch of playfulness to this timeless footwear.

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Discover the Eccentricity of Yelo the Psyclist's Lifestyle Picks!

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Hello, HTT Fam

Welcome to Onigiri Bike Shop, the home of Yelo, one of my many original characters who just so happens to be a ridiculously cool and highly capable alien.

What is OniGiri Bike Shop?

A home. A home within a home. A space for the fun and vibrance of character art, from the cute to the beautiful. Character art that I love and am excited to share with you.

❤️ As I bare my heart again, I hope to reach yours ❤️